Saturday, February 06, 2010

make it happen: eagle project day 2

Noah's t-shirt choice was quite appropriate for Eagle Project day 2.
Yes, that is Cody James Willyumz, Noah's #2 best friend and fellow scout.
Hey, where are all the other scouts? Yes, those younger boys had to be herded back to the work site every now and then.

Getting the post holes in just the right place.

Finally getting to set the posts in cement. The scouts enjoyed working with cement much more than digging holes (notice the return of the younger scouts.)

Making progress!

Fence posts - done. Day 2 took seven hours onsite and one extra hour for Noah at Home Depot to return extra cement bags and buy more wood. A big thank you goes out to Mr. Cariaga for his time, his truck and the loan of his neighbor's trailer to transport all these supplies to the work site from Home Depot.

Once our business was done, Mom, Dad and Noah walked from Home Depot to Taco Cabana to have some dinner before we all took our tired selves home.

Two days down and one to go!

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