Sunday, February 07, 2010

eagle project day 3

Day 3 of Noah's Eagle project, I arrived after the scouts used bow saws to shorten the fence posts to the correct heighth. Next step was to screw in the fence rails. Hubby manned the power saw to cut the rails to the correct length.

Here's Hubby-Dale, Mr. Cariaga and Mr. Barger conferring with Noah and other scouts while the rails are cut to order.
The fence pickets wait patiently on the little hill.

Installing the rails gave the older scouts the first crack at using the power drills.

Lots of power cords were onsite.

Cody and his crew start installing pickets.

While I was cleaning up the area where the rails were cut, which happened to be inside the church preschool playground, I spied a carpenter's square and a little plastic toy wrench. Too cute to pass up!

Scouts learning how to build a fence.

Ah, the fun part - power tools!

Mr. Cariaga helping get that tricky corner picket in the right place.

Mr. Corpening giving tips to the scouts.

Scout masters supervising.

Noah getting praises from Mr. Corpening on how things are moving along.

Noah keeping an eye on things and supervising the progress.

A thing of beauty!

At last, Noah's Eagle Project completed. It's not only looks great, but it will also provide some outdoor storage space for the church. Great job, Noah! So proud of our soon-to-be-Eagle scout.

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