Tuesday, February 02, 2010

tst: philmont2 + bonus (eagle project day 1)

This is Noah's troop shirt from his Philmont trip. He brought it back covered with dirt and tree sap after participating in an environmental project on the first day. I have a "take no prisoners" attitude when it comes to laundry stains. It took me days, but I won the battle. He wore this shirt this past Sunday, the first day of his Eagle project. One day down, two to go!

Bonus shirt: Jesus + Awesome = JEAWESOME

That's Kevin - Noah's best friend - weilding a mattock at the Eagle project, which involved removing about 18 large bushes around some AC compressors at our church so that a privacy fence can be built in their place.

Kevin, Noah, Thomas and Dale
These four have been together since Noah and Kevin were about six years old. They enjoyed years of camping together in Indian Guides and then joined Boy Scouts when the boys turned 12.

Here's a glimpse of the bushes in place, about to be removed by a crew of Boy Scouts and some very dedicated Scout Masters.

Mission accomplished. This phase of the project took 4.25 hours.

Now just pray for perfect weather next weekend for the fence building to commence!

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