Tuesday, November 24, 2009

green. really?

We have never used green as a color in decorating our home. I've never even had green in my wardrobe. But it's become a new feature color in our living room and kitchen. And I love it! Hubby also painted the fireplace white. The painting is not quite done yet, due to a freakish eye injury he suffered on Sunday. We got him in to see a top-notch doc yesterday, and it's not as bad as we feared. Fortunately, he should be healed in a day or two.

By the way, the new Behr paint with primer in it is really good stuff. Here's the fireplace as a work-in-progress. My sweet hubby did a beautiful job! After 26 years of not really loving the fireplace in the living room, I'm loving my "new" white fireplace. Thanks, Hon!


  1. The green looks great Denean! I may just be a little biased though, because I have 2 green rooms in my house and I would be happy to paint the rest of the house green if Jeff would let me!

  2. Oh and I hope Dale's eye heals quickly!

  3. Thanks, Stephanie. Yes, I thought of you when we choose green since I know how much you like that color! And Dale's eye is all better now, thanks.