Friday, February 13, 2009

a zippered pouch and some shoes

I've been in a sewing mood lately and actually did make something this week. It's my first zippered pouch. I made it for my Aggie daughter E to tote things in her purse. I chose to use this tutorial from the purl bee because I wanted to try the bias tape treatment on the inside seams (as opposed to sewing in a lining). And it gave me a chance to do some patchwork strips and sew in a zipper -- all fun!

I hope to find time to do some fabric shopping this weekend because I need to make a baby shower gift, wedding gift and late Christmas gift. I know what I'm going to make, just need to find the right fabrics.

Did you ever notice how a lot of blogs have pictures of feet in socks or shoes? I finally caught a good picture of my feet dressed up in my new Clarks. I snagged these for less than half price at the Clarks outlet store. Cute and comfy.

So wish me luck on my fabric hunt!

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