Sunday, January 17, 2010

bird prints

Bird prints. On our window.
See it there, the white smudge in the center of the photo?
A body, a head, tail feathers and two wings.
For some reason, a few birds have recently tried to fly into our living room but were stopped short by a large plate glass window. It's happened in the past with smaller birds, like house wrens, but lately it's been larger birds. They fly away, seemingly no worse for the wear, but they sure make a loud thump when they hit the glass.
If this keeps up, I guess we'll have to look into finding some window decals to warn them of the danger!
(Update: Evidently, this bird didn't fly away "no worse for the wear." The next morning, we found a dead dove near the window. Time to look for some sort of window decal to prevent this from happening in the future.)

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