Saturday, July 11, 2009

this & that

First, let me say this is a completely random post - a bit of this & that.

My hubby loves to cook, and he's a really good cook! Once in a great while, we are lucky enough to have him make onion rings for us, which he did last Sunday evening. And these rings were delicious! Hot, crunchy and sweet, made with Texas 1015 onions.


Last night I finally made the table runner for Deb and Judy that I've been planning to make for over six months now. I get to give it to them tomorrow when we take a trip down south to visit our neice, Charlene. When I first saw the rose pattern fabric, I knew they would love it. The other side of it is linen left over from my latest handbag project.

And here's our Callie cat, purring away in the tub as she enjoys the dripping faucet. It's one of her favorite places to be. She's a silly kitty.

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  1. Wish I could be there to share, I love onion rings too!!!

    Love,Gloria (manos)