Thursday, March 05, 2009

a birthday cake

After two chocolate cakes in two weeks (and three of us to consume it all instead of the usual four), it was time for a change. So I asked for my favorite Orange Cornmeal Cake for my birthday today, and hubby obliged (topped with cream cheese frosting). Delish!

I got The Sixth Sense DVD from my son (we love M. Knight) and my faaaaavorite Easter candy, Robin's Eggs, and . . .
a new camera! Yea! Son is especially happy since this means he regains ownership of his camera. Bless him for sharing it with me for so long and putting up with my blunders (don't ask). And I get to take my camera on the road now, which should be fun. Yesterday I saw a pretty good Dead Cart (see "amusing blogs" on right sidebar). Next time I'll be ready with a camera! And I'll take it with me this weekend because I get to celebrate with my sweet daughter when I go visit her.

So I was trying out some of the features and took this shot of piano practice.

(Feature: panning shot used to express speed of subject in motion.)

It was a Happy Day!

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