Sunday, January 18, 2009

weekend rating = A

It was a very nice weekend. Since my boys were Boy Scout camping at Enchanted Rock, I had my lovely daughter to myself, which was especially nice since she leaves today to go back to school for the spring. We visited our sweet Aunt Shirley, shopped at our favorite make-up store (Bare Escentuals), watched Mamma Mia!, and were treated to lunch by Deb and Judy (Friday's fried green beans and sweet potato fries - yum!). Lots of good family time!

Now I'll set up my sewing area again (which is in E's room while she's off at college). I've got a long list of things I need to do on my sewing machine (hemming pants and mending shirts) and things I need to make (gifts and maybe something for me!).

Have a great week!


  1. Mrs. Denean,

    Can you pleassse make me a sock puppet? With cute black buttons for eyes?! Please do not use Noah's socks.



  2. You bet! I've never made a sock puppet before, and I'm sure it would be more fun to use a clean sock! I'll add it to my list.